Lancaster University - Transforming Tomorrow

3 It’s my great pleasure to welcome you to Transforming Tomorrow, our first Pentland Centre research and impact review. For the last seven years, the Pentland Centre for Sustainability in Business has striven to produce impactful research that furthers our mission to support and advance the mainstreaming of social and environmental sustainability into purposeful business strategy and performance. Every year, we have produced annual reports on that activity, but this year we wanted to do something different. Complementing our Annual Report, Transforming Tomorrow aims to bring you closer to our research, to allow our members to share their work, their vision, and their ambitions with you. Our work combines three elements. Firstly, the Centre has a vision for a world where business understands, acts upon, and furthers sustainability outcomes in its activities. This entails working to rebuild the integrity of the ecological systems that provide the basis for fulfilling peoples' needs, and which absorb wastes from our activities. This ambition underpins the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Climate Agreement. Secondly, the means by which the Centre’s mission can be achieved is through bringing together colleagues from across Lancaster University (and especially those in Lancaster University Management School) who share our vision to work together to further develop knowledge and its application with policy and practice communities. Ultimately, the purpose of the Pentland Centre is to create more impact than could be achieved through our members working alone. Thirdly, all this activity is underpinned by financial support provided by our sponsor, the Rubin Foundation Charitable Trust – a Foundation run by the owners of Pentland Group plc. This financial contribution is enhanced through the guidance provided by our Advisory Board, as well as support from our network of external partners. As the Centre’s Director, it is my job to create the enabling environment in which members can realise these ambitions, across challenge areas that motivate them. In addition, the inclusion of Professional Services colleagues as members brings a depth of engagement with the Management School that further embeds and integrates members’ work into Lancaster University activities. I hope you will see this realised in these pages. The range of topics that fall within sustainability in business are vast, and this publication seeks to showcase some of the work that Pentland Centre members are undertaking. If you have an interest in any of these areas (and indeed other businesssustainability issues) we would love to hear from you. Professor Jan Bebbington Rubin Chair in Sustainability in Business, and Director of the Pentland Centre