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STEPS 2021 - 2 Keep in touch 1 The qualities that attracted me to Lancaster have come to the fore in the last twelve months, and I am happy to share with you my gratitude for the work and dedication of colleagues right across the institution in some of the most challenging circumstances any of us have faced in our careers. I also want to record my tremendous admiration for our students, whose experience of university life has been very different from past generations. Their good humour, commitment and resilience have been inspiring. In years to come, membership of the classes of 2020 or 2021 will be a badge of honour, hard won. As the newest members of our alumni community, I hope they will embrace the opportunities afforded by joining a network now numbering over 150,000 people. Despite the upheavals caused by the pandemic, Lancaster has continued to play its part in the response to Covid-19. This includes work by researchers on promising new ways to administer vaccines, while the recently opened Health Innovation One, home of Lancaster’s Medical School, has operated as one of the UK’s vaccination centres. In addition, students and recent graduates in Medicine and allied subjects have gone into the front line to support the National Health Service’s critical response to the pandemic. In these ways, and many others, the spirit of Lancaster has come to the fore. Looking at the bigger picture, higher education faces a watershed moment, triggered in part by the pandemic, but also by the converging challenges that face our world. Whether it is a response to the gathering pace of climate change, issues of fairness and inclusion, or the blunt force impact of global health or economic crises, universities like Lancaster have an increasingly pivotal role to play in adapting and improving our society. They look at how we promote and champion diversity and equality, how we build prosperity and opportunity, both for our immediate region and for the wider international communities of which we are active participants, and how we work to protect the precious resource that our planet represents. In all these areas, Lancaster is making a difference. Something I have really missed in my first year – and look forward to with the return of ‘normal service’ – is the chance to meet alumni in person . So, in concluding with a wish that you and your families will remain safe and well, I also wanted to express my hope that our paths will cross at an event or reunion soon. Professor Andy Schofield Vice-Chancellor Lancaster University Welcome Contents I write this, my first introduction for Steps Magazine , just over a year into my tenure as Vice-Chancellor at Lancaster University. As I am sure you will understand, it has been an interesting time to take the helm of one of the UK’s best universities! So, 2020 was a little short of alumni weddings for obvious reasons! However, these lucky couples managed to celebrate their big day in between lockdown restrictions. TheBigDay Congratulations to our alumni couples 1 John Crayston (BSc Geography, 2014, Pendle) married Amelia Rose Pagan (BSc Business Studies, 2018, Grizedale). 2 Suzanne Wimbourne (BA Fine Art, 2011, Pendle) married Alexander Carrington, (BA Politics and International Relations, 2010, Pendle). 3 Chris Hall (MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2014, Bowland) married Angelika Kronen (BBA International Business Management, 2016, Bowland). 4 Sarah Cabourn (BA Social Work, 2012, Grizedale) formed a civil partnership with Gareth Davies (MPhys Physics, 2011, Grizedale). 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