Ullswater Steamers - Charter Pack

In these Terms & Conditions ‘Company’ refers to Ullswater ‘Steamers’ and ‘Applicant’ refers to the lead person on the booking of the charter. 1 Payment a. The booking will be secured when the Company receives the completed booking form and deposit (50% of final balance). b. The balance of hire is due 8 weeks before the charter date. c. For bespoke charters and/or activity days, the final number of guests must be confirmed 10 days prior to the event. d. The Company do not provide onboard credit for the bar. If you wish to run credit, a valid credit card must be supplied in advance. e. Corporate charters that require an invoice must complete a credit application form. 2 Passengers a. The number of passengers shall not exceed the numbers stated for the appropriate boat and type of hire. b. Adult supervision for minors shall be provided by the applicant as required by the Company. c. The hire is for members of the party and guests only. Tickets may not be sold to the general public. d. Due to the heritage nature of the vessels and for passenger safety when on the pier, stiletto shoes are not permitted. e. Passengers may only board and disembark the boat via the gangway. f. It’s the responsibility of the Applicant to communicate 2b, c, d, e, 6a, 9a & b to all members of their party. g. Please throw confetti away from the main piers and pier houses. As part of the Company’s environmental charter to prevent pollution, this product must be environmentally friendly. h. Pier side charters are subject to restriction; for health & safety reasons passengers are not allowed to leave the vessel unless authorised by the Captain. The times for these charters must be adhered to and passengers must finish the charter when instructed to do so. Failure to comply may result in a fine of £500 to cover excess costs. 3 Cancellation a. The Company may cancel or alter the charter in the event of emergency, breakdown, strike, cancellation for bad weather or, for any other reason outside its control, without being liable for any loss or damage. b. On cancellation by the Company as in 3a, the Company will refund the total amount paid to date. If weather conditions allow, charters will continue alongside the pier. A 20% refund will be issued to the applicant. c. The deposit will not be refunded if the Applicant cancels the charter. If the cancellation is less than 14 days before the charter then the full charge will apply. d. The charter may be cancelled and passengers disembarked, if in the opinion of the Captain, their conduct is such as a danger to themselves, the vessel, the crew or any other persons or property. There will be no refund of the cost if this happens. 4 The Company a. The Company will have the vessel prepared for music and buffet, if confirmed in the booking. 5 Company’s Right a. The Company reserves the right for any of its personnel to board the vessel during the charter. b. All electrical equipment to be used onboard must have a current/in date portable appliance test certificate. The Company can issue these in advance of the charter. c. All caterers recommended by the Company have signed a Catering Code of Conduct. If the Applicant decides not to use the approved caterers, the Company must be notified in advance. Failure to do so could result in the catering contractor being refused permission to board the vessel. d. Amplified onboard music/vocal entertainment must be kept to a reasonable volume which will not be a nuisance to anyone on the lake shore. The Captain will monitor this to ensure compliance. 6 Alcohol a. No alcohol may be taken onboard the vessel, except with prior written agreement. A corkage charge is then applicable. Should any person/s be found consuming their own alcohol, the Captain may cancel the charter and/or disembark any passengers. See 3d. 7 Loss or damage a. The Applicant will be responsible for any loss or damage occasioned to the vessel or the Company by any member of the party. 8 Accessilibilty a) Please visit our website for full accessibility information. 9 Smoking a Smoking is not allowed onboard the boat or on the piers. b The use of e-cigarettes is also not permitted onboard the boat or on the piers. For booking enquiries or further information please contact us. Please return your booking form directly to us: Glenridding Pier House Glenridding, Cumbria, CA11 0US Tel: 017684 82229 Email: charters@ullswater-steamers.co.uk Website: ullswater-steamers.co.uk Private Charter Terms & Conditions